Over at Complex Gaming they're having some fun adding "honest" blurbs to popular game covers, asking "What if games told the truth before you dropped $60?" Honestly, I'd probably buy them for the blurbs alone.

For example, I still have not finished The Last of Us — I know, I am a communist for this. I loved the voice acting and was enjoying the story, but damn if all that gameplay didn't get in the way. Maybe I'd have stuck with it had this text appeared on the cover.

And maybe disappointment with Resident Evil 6 wouldn't have been quite has high if expectations had been set from the get go.


Many of gaming's greatest tragedies could have been averted with the addition of a single line of text.

This could eventually lead to a fun Photoshop contest. For now it leads over to Complex Gaming, where several more games exercise some refreshing honesty.


Honest Video Game Box Art: What if Games Told the Truth Before You Dropped the $60? [Complex Gaming]