It's Spring Gamers, starring Games Franco! This is a thing I want that I never knew I wanted.

iam8bit is doing a parody film of the surprisingly amazing—aka not just stupidly amazing—Spring Breakers. The teaser scene you see above is a gamer's recreation of the real scene where James Franco's thugged-out character brags to his newfound groupies about all the gun-swag he's got. Except in this edition, it's all games and gamer swag. He even has that awesome Triforce lamp!


I have no idea if this parody will be any good. I just know I loved Spring Breakers like I haven't loved a movie in some time. And the simple memory of it makes this teaser a beautiful thing.

Update: Aww I figured the gallery opening at iam8bit in LA Friday, June 7 would show more clips, but it's just this one as a commercial for the Entertainment System show. Regardless, fun stuff.

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