If This Isn't One Of The Most Absurd Classes In An RPG, It's Certainly Up There

So, there's new Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC. With it, comes new maps and characters. One of these characters comes with a special item that can transform other characters into a special class. The bride class. I'm serious. Watch the trailer above if you'd like to get a quick glimpse.


Curious about the class, I ended up on the Fire Emblem wiki page. To quote:

As its name suggests, characters of the class wear a bride's wedding dress. Eirika starts off in this class and any female character can access this class by using a Wedding Bouquet when they're Level 10 or over (or any Level, if in a promoted class).


...what? Why is "bride" a class? Are we getting a "groom" class down the line? Thankfully, you're not using a bouquet as a weapon here. But still.

Typically, I can't really hold this stuff against a game. RPGs need to figure out how to keep things interesting, and giving us unusual classes is one such way. Jason Schreier mentioned "Calculators" to me for example, which is a class from Final Fantasy Tactics.

Though as silly as Calculators sound—you use "Arithmeticks"—the idea of killing someone with math is at least kind of awesome.

Bride though? Really? You're not about to go around just like, marrying all your enemies are you? And you're on the battlefield... in a wedding dress. Look at this concept art, courtesy of the bride's Fire Emblem wiki page.

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It's not even cool Uma Thurman type bride either. If this isn't one of the most absurd class-types I've seen in an RPG, it's certainly up there.


But I'm curious if you guys can think of classes that can top this: as I said, the genre is no stranger to weird classes. What would get your vote?

EDIT: Apparently bride is one of the most powerful classes? That, in my books, just makes this more absurd, but hey! You can't say it's not interesting, at least.

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Dr. M to the J, PhD

You do realize that one of the classes in this game is basically a sexy bunny-girl, right?

Do you think the bride class is sexist? Because it's hard for me to tell if this would be sexist or feminist. I could see it being sexist in one light and feminist in another.

Again: sexy bunny-girl.