If This is the Only NBA on Your TV All Year, NBA 2K12 Supplies the Proper Camera Angle

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Baseball parks' larger, varying dimensions and nonstandard playing areas make for unique camera angles, familiar for fans who watch the local broadcasts but markedly different to others. MLB 2K11 (and MLB The Show 11) sought to replicate this in this year's game. But just because the court dimensions are uniform and the NBA's arenas range between 19,000 and 20,000 in capacity doesn't mean NBA 2K12 can't do the same thing.


Pasta Padre noticed the subtle variances in camera position for NBA 2K12's broadcast presentation, a highly polished feature that distinguishes the game's true-to-life feel. Not only does it adjust, slightly, the angle at which the game is observed, it can also vary the lighting. These details can have an effect on the game, such as knowing where to spot up your man for a three-point shot from the corner.


The net effect is something 2K's designers told me they wanted to achieve in MLB 2K11: a sense of displacement when playing on the road. You can get a look at all of the NBA's 32 home courts at the link below.

A Look at NBA 2K12′s Broadcast Cameras [Pasta Padre]

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Darth Tigris

Fantastic attention to detail, especially considering the effect on someone playing a season or more.

OT: The world is done a true injustice by being denied a 2K NFL game with this same attention to detail. Still a great gaming tragedy ...