If This Is The Future Of Space Games, Sign Me Up

For all its political intrigue and gorgeous player models, EVE Online is still, like all other MMOs, a little stale. This concept trailer shows how developers CCP are planning on spicing things up a little.

To complement the EVE Online MMO, a first-person shooter called Dust 514 is due for release sometime in the next year or two. It's not just based in EVE's universe. Rather, it's hoped that people playing the MMO and the shooter can link their actions, a space battle helping decide the outcome of a struggle on the ground, or vice versa.


This trailer shows how, in a perfect world, that would work. I'm having flashbacks to my "best game ever" dreams of the late 1990s, and they are painful.

It's also a nice touch that, for a game built around political intrigue, this clip shows the hard-working shooter fan being completely fucked over by the selfish, distant MMO player.

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