If The Swimming Anime Did It, So Can Little Witch Academia

Being a fan is a powerful thing. Fans can modify a game's ending. More recently, a fandom's excitement was responsible for turning a 30 second clip into a full-fledged anime series—even though the studio didn't initially have plans to expand on the clip. If the Swimming Anime could do that, then Little Witch Academia should be able to do the same.


Little Witch Academia is a an animated 30 minute short released by Studio Trigger on YouTube on April 19th. You can watch it above—and I highly recommend that you do. Little Witch Academia follows Akko Kagari, a young, idealistic witch in magic school. It's like Harry Potter, except way, way cuter. Like Japanese Harry Potter, I guess. Despite at times falling into cliche, Little Witch Academia still manages to be absurdly charming.


The short was produced as a part of the "Young Animator Training Project," which is a program where industry masters train new animators. And Studio Trigger has talent that previously worked on things like Gurren Lagann, Panty & Stocking, as well as staff previously at Studio 4°C (they're responsible for the visuals in Catherine).

To recap: a 30 second clip was able to get an anime series, and this fantastic short—which, let's be frank here, kicks Swimming Anime's ass (there's just not much to Swimming Anime, not until the fans chime in!)—doesn't have one. Not at current, anyway, though not for lack of enthusiasm. A cursory look through Tumblr shows just as much enthusiasm for Little Witch Academia as Swimming Anime...though yes, the fandom doesn't seem quite as absurd. Little Witch Academia, after all, has defined characters with specific characteristics. That means fans can't go as crazy with Little Witch Academia, though if you scroll through, it'll only take a minute or two before you're wading through Little Witch Academia porn. I'm sure this isn't surprising (how old are the kids in this show...?)

But then you also have your typical GIFs, a ton of fan-art, and a good number of people asking/hoping that Little Witch Academia becomes an anime series.

Currently, the most up-voted comment on the YouTube video says the following:

Okay so "swimming anime" lasted 30 secs and now gets an anime series.

This shit actually shows bad ass animation, a plot, voice acting and fucking official subtitles for English speakers but doesn't have a series.


Whether or not that'll happen remains to be seen. I'm hopeful, though. Fans can do anything.

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I really hope this becomes a full series too. It's got a lot of potential.

The characters have distinctive personalities and traits that make them easily recognizable from one another.

They aren't made to be "Overly Moe" like in Lucky Star, and visually distinctive from one another to tell them apart.

The story is very charming and has a lot of heart to it.

Some of the cliches are called out by the characters themselves, particularly Sucy.

I could go on, but thanks to Studio Trigger's efforts to sub and distribute it over YouTube, ANYONE can see it (at least in the USA. If it works in other English speaking countries, that'd be great!). I would love to see more anime studios do this.