Most of the mini-movies players make inside of Grand Theft Auto V are filled with goofy jokes or amazing stunts. Not this one. This one recreates a little snippet of the American Civil War. And it's not funny at all.

The folks in GTA Online's BranberryMuffin crew gathered to tell the tale of three brothers who go off to fight for the Union during The Civil War. Set to the music of Corb Lund's "I Wanna Be In The Cavalry," the machinima is a well-done assemblage of camera angles and filter choices make it feel old-timey.

What it'd take to make this? According to crew member Sonny Evans, "…around 15 hours to record, 2 hours to edit and amongst the entire crew 12 packs of cigarettes smoked, 2 trays of energy drink and only 36 anger outbursts!" Not bad. Not bad at all.