If The Avengers Existed, Their Magazine Covers Would Look Like This

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Think about how newspapers, magazines, blogs and media platforms of every stripe follow Kanye West’s every move. Now imagine if Yeezy had a suit of power armor that made him a flying engine of mass destruction. People would be even MORE obsessed with him. That’s the idea behind MediAvengers, a blog that imagines the splashy feature profiles and gossip round-ups that would surround Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in real life.


You can tell that there’s a ton of care being put into the great layouts and faux headlines in these mock-ups. I really like the Scientific American article about the Hulk being a possible cure for cancer and the Us Weekly-style pieces about who’s dating whom. The idea of Earth’s Mightiest Gossip fits with the whole idea of the Marvel Universe, which started from the very beginning as more down-to-earth interpretation of super-powered characters. Great stuff.

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I can't recall for sure, but I don't think the Marvel movie universe's general public is aware of who the Hulk is. I'm nitpicking a fun gimmick a bit, sure, but I doubt Bruce Banner would go around announcing it like Tony Stark did (he's generally been rather shy about his transformations).

Anyway, nice work.