If Only These Characters Were Actually In Scribblenauts...

Scribblenauts looks amazing. 10,000 in-game items? Can't. Wait. And yet...something tugs at the subconscious. Just like it did with LittleBigPlanet. We love creativity, yes, but we also love existing characters.

The game won't, of course, let you conjure the intellectual property of other characters. So if you're in a pickle, you can't just write "TRAVIS TOUCHDOWN" and have him arrive to awesome all your problems away. But if, by some miracle, you could, he'd probably look like this.


These adorable little guys are the work of some GAF members, mostly turk128 & SpacePirateRidley, and show what it'd look like if all your favourite gaming (and some non-gaming) characters made it into the finished product.

Scribblenauts Preview/Impressions Thread - You will say "wow." (see post #217) [NeoGAF, via Tiny Cartridge]

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