The Guildmaster Studio put together a painstaking re-creation of Skyrim's opening scene using Lego blocks and stop-motion, and it's a damn impressive piece of work. The little touches—especially the bit with the skeleton and the Wilhelm scream—are great. Also I'm pretty sure it contains Lego Thor as a background actor, which is some truly inspired casting. Oh, and there's probably a joke to be made about how Lego characters' plasticine movements accurately represent the stiff uncanny valley mannequin people that populate Bethesda game worlds, but I digress.

More importantly, this video has planted seeds of desire (sorry, I recently walked past a romance novel and I guess it infected my brain) in my head for a Lego Skyrim game. I mean, can you even imagine? Building out on the open wastes, scouring caves and mountains for legendary pieces, reading Lego books, eating Lego butterflies. This is the stuff dreams are made of—at least, if a chunk of your cerebral cortex is made of colorful blocks. I am a grown adult who spent the other night in a dive bar turning a Tie Fighter and its pilot into some kind of conjoined robot space mutant, so I think I qualify.


Anyway, this is a rad idea and I hope we see it happen someday, even though I very much doubt that we will. Oh well. If nothing else, here's hoping for more videos like this one.