Polycount, an online resource for video game artists, has been running a Team Fortress 2 competition, asking users to submit their ideas for new weapons and items for the game. The winners end up actually in the game.

While some of them are a little odd, look stupid or would wreck the balance of the game, others are simply amazing, both in terms of how they're presented as well as their gameplay implications.


The "Arbiter", for example, paints a target, giving everyone who hits him bonus damage. It's down as a Soldier upgrade, but would be more at home with the Engineer, we think, especially if rocket turrets could home in on the target. The Sniper's Croc-O-Style kit also looks great, as does the Tank Buster, which not only looks like an actual update, but even has the same dry humour as well.

Best part? These weapons and items have already been created as in-game models and tested in Team Fortress 2, so all Valve needs to do is pick the winners and they'll be made officially available for everyone.


TF2: Polycount Pack, Week 5 Check-in [Polycount]