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If Mega Man Was A Hollywood Cartoon, It Would Look A Lot Like This [Update]

Last year, Hong Kong animation house Imagi brought Astro Boy, a beloved Japanese character, to the big screen in a computer-animated film. Astro Boy is great and all, but...what about Mega Man?

Artist David Espinoza must have been wondering the exact same thing, because he's done a number of stunning works showing Mega Man characters in the kind of detail you'd expect from a Hollywood film about the Blue Bomber.

Espinoza is a professional, who has worked not only on motion pictures, but on games as well (KOTOR 2, Neverwinter Knights 2). You can check out his portfolio here.

UPDATE - You asked for Mega Man himself? David was kind enough to email us this morning and send along the answer to your prayers.

Impressive CG Mega Man Fan Art [Rockman Corner]


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