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If Llamasoft Made Music Videos, They'd Look Like This

That's because this is a music video as directed by Llamasoft, creators of tripped out, gamer-bewildering titles like Tempest 2000 and Space Giraffe. The song? Electronic musician Tiga's "Mind Dimension."

Tiga's and Llamasoft visuals go together like peanut butter and acid, the aesthetic that founder and ruminant obsessive Jeff Minter has become (in)famous for over the developer's 25-year-plus history.


"The video is loosely based on an experience I had after eating a mood ring," says Tiga, presumably facetiously in the video's official description. "In my quest to recreate it, I rented a pyramid to be used in the video. Was it worth committing to a nine-year Egyptian tour? Judge for yourselves." Go ahead. Judge.

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You commenters (as well as the news poster) are a tad slow tonight... the llamasoft guys are the guys that made Winamp, INCLUDING the winamp visualizer. So yeah, it does look like a winamp visualizer because IT IS! You can even see the winamp logo pulsing in the center towards the beginning.

Regading the video/music though I agree that it is rather lame with the crappy electronic beats and lets face it, a video of the visualizer (it's on steroids, granted, but it's still the visualizer).