If LAN Parties Were Dangerous, You'd Need The LAN Warrior

This is iBuypower's LAN Warrior. It's designed as the ultimate LAN party PC, with gaming-heavy specs, a rugged carry-strap and a durable exterior casing...wait, are people gaming in war zones now?

At a real LAN party, worst-case scenario, your PC might get its paint scratched. Or get some Cheeto dust on it.


But, just in case you're not your average LAN party-goer - and are instead an international man of mystery (throwing your gear in the back of African trucks, jumping out of planes over Bolivia, etc) - then the LAN Warrior might actually be for you.

Specs are customisable according to taste and budget, but the real draw is the massive, all-aluminium casing, strap, harness and security locks, which will "deter theft at LAN parties". Sadly, it won't deter ninjas or midgets with razor-sharp hats, but if you're the type of person to need the LAN Warrior, you'll be the type to be able to handle that stuff on your own.

The LAN Warrior Is Easily the Dorkiest PC We've Seen This Week [Gizmodo]

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