I have a good time picturing a Breaking Bad video game: Basically, nothing would go according to plan and you'd keep losing more, and more, and more. So how would a GTA-style game built around Breaking Bad work?

Surely we've all been thinking it over the last week. After all, GTA V and Breaking Bad have dominated the pop cultural landscape so thoroughly that readers have already figured out how to refashion GTA V's Michael to look a lot like Walter White.

The folks at GameFront have gone a bit farther and put together what they describe as a page from an imaginary strategy guide for the Breaking Bad/GTA mashup of our dreams. While I'm not sure Albuquerque is anyone's idea of a perfect video-game escapist destination, the map itself is pretty good times:


Any Breaking Bad superfans out there want to weigh in on where they've located everything? Is this really where all the sets and scenes take place?