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If Girls' Generation Was 8-Bit

Illustration for article titled If Girls Generation Was 8-Bit

This is South Korean pop outfit Girls' Generation. The ladies are not 8-bit. But what if they were?

Here is the group's number one single smash hit "Gee" done up in chiptune stylings. In 2009, the song became nothing short of a national phenomenon. "Gee" also pops up in South Korean StarCraft slang and takes the place of "gg" or "good game".

Like with most celebrities, Girls' Generation have their share of endorsements. The group even appears in South Korean ads for the Nintendo DSi.


Thanks, Animaxxity! [Pic]

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Nice 8-bit touch!

Look at this 8-bit "K-On!" ED! the guy really put some effort into it!