Cutesy Korean Girl Group Shilling Nintendo DSi

One of the country's biggest pop outfits, Girls' Generation, will be hocking the Nintendo DSi in South Korea. Imagine that!

The group and its members appear in a myriad of commercials (like this Bubble Bobble noodle ad) as well as variety programs and dramas, so this is yet another endorsement for the group. The girls will be appearing in TV ads for the Nintendo DSi in South Korea.


More importantly, the Girls' Generation tie-up shows how in-tune Nintendo has become with the South Korean market. In the 2006, it was reported that "Nintendo" of Korea was in name only. Nintendo finally created an official South Korean branch and released the Nintendo DS. The first hardware released by Nintendo of Korea, the Nintendo DS sold over 2 million units by early 2009.

"Gee" is one of Girls' Generation's biggest tunes.

SNSD endorses Nintendo DSi [allkpop via GoNintendo]

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