If Dr. Seuss Wrote The Last of Us and Resident Evil...

Then the covers would look a little like...this!

Here are the latest and greatest Dr. Seuss themed covers and rhymes from DrFaustusAU, who graced us with other similar covers in the past.


This time we've got The Last of Us, Resident Evil, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and BioShock Infinite—all from the last couple of months. Check em out:

I'm the host of a fungus that grows in my brain,
but it keeps off the Sun and it keeps out the rain.


One herb
Two herbs
Red herbs
Blue herbs


Run or hide?
The answer's plain:

If I stay here,
I'll go insane!


If you have an idea, Fink'll cut you a deal.
He can take all your dreams and then make them all real.

Making gadgets, and skyhooks, and vigors to sell—
it is really quite safe to say business is swell!

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