He'd look a lot like this cosplay. Pretty much exactly this. "Doom has no need of your exotics. Doom is his own exotic."

One of 2015's first big fan conventions happened this past weekend, bringing some great costume-crafting with it. Ever wonder what the Fantastic Four's greatest enemy would look like if he favored kick-ass assault weaponry? Feast your eyes.

These pics comes from the folks at Cosplay Boom and show off a bunch of top-shelf cosplay from the northwestern metropolis. I quite love the re-invented Alien xenomorph and Tank Girl outfits. And while "like" isn't the word I'd use for the creepy-ass Silent Hill nurses, I respect the work that went into those looks, too. But still: stay away, please.

Panic Cosplay: The Costumed Misadventures of Mikozilla as the Xenomorph from Alien


Silent Hill Nurses


Dahlia Cortez as Alice Liddell from Alice: Madness Returns

Ryan Wells as Atreyu with Luck Dragon from The Never-Ending Story


AZpowergirl as Black Widow

Amanda Felner as Catwoman


Destiny Guardian by Zak Labs

Thomas Hasenoehrl as Dr. Doom


Peter Fillo as the Hero's Shade from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Mary Mann as Link from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask


Kevin Pishion as Magneto

Jennifer Jones as Pandora from Trinity of Sin


Piranha Plant from Super Mario games

Arielle Lien as the Queen of the Reef from Destiny


Lindsey Demars as Tank Girl

The Downen Family as Lady Sif, Balin from Lord of the Rings, Thor and Elf


Jesse Lagers as Thorin from Lords of the Rings

Twisty the Clown