If Chrono Trigger Looked Like Wind Waker...

Then, you know, it would be just about the greatest game ever made.

Those agreeing should watch this video, which took habboi around a year to put together. It reimagines CT's Kingdom of Zeal with Wind Waker's iconic, cel-shaded art style.

Using the Unreal Development Kit, and employing the help of the Polycount (3D artists) community, he's got it looking very nice. Very nice indeed.

The Magical Kingdom of Zeal [YouTube, thanks Anonymous!]

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The Logic and Rationale Police

Sorry Chrono Trigger does not fit this style. Cel shading could be used sure, but it would have to be stylistically different. Since there are different 'looks' to cel shading.

When you reach the post-apocalyptic era, the futuristic era or even the pre-historic era, I think there could be some clash between the themes and the style.