Breaking Bad has an ending—maybe you've watched it? And maybe that ending played out the way you thought it would. Or maybe you had your own ending in mind...perhaps something more like these fan-servicey endings created by CollegeHumor?


Obviously, if you haven't watched the ending of Breaking Bad, I'd steer clear of watching this video!

Otherwise, while the ending of Breaking Bad almost seemed like it was pandering to fans (particularly folk on Team Walter White), compared to some of these endings, the wish-fulfillment could have been much more pronounced!


Regardless, I doubt many of us walked away feeling, you know, particularly hopeful. The ending was neat and tied up many loose ends, but I imagine that many will deal with the ending in the same way as OnlyLeigh does.

Granted, some of us just happen to have the sort of clout where we don't have to accept that Breaking Bad is over—heck, where we don't even have to accept its current ending. And by "some of us" I mean Stephen Colbert.

Proof that, regardless of how neat the ending seemed to be, there were still plenty of unanswered questions—if fans had their way, those questions would be answered. Oh well! We're gonna have to tough it out. Things are better that way, I think—which is to say, what a fan wants isn't always what is best for something.

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