The Dark Knight's been through a lot of wild variations through the years. Pilgrim. Rainbow. Drug addict. But a new photo project from Argentina re-imagines Bruce Wayne without his most important special ability: a bottomless wallet. Can you still strike fear into criminals with a garbage bag cape, a fanny pack and a pair of Speedos?

Neatorama points at a gallery of images‚ÄĒcreated by creative collective M.A.F.I.A.‚ÄĒdepicting a Batman who lives in a poverty that's light-years away from Wayne Manor. The long ears on the makeshift Bat-cowl recall the original Bob Kane version of the Caped Crusader but the fancy gadgets and vehicles are all gone. This broke Batman leads to all kinds of questions, for me. Is he depressed? Happy? Showered? Whether he is any of those things or not, this Batman is fearsome in a totally different kind of way.