If Apex Legends Were An Anime

Ever wondered what Apex Legends would look like if it was an anime? We got you, fam.


Aiden Phan, a freelance videographer who is both an Apex and an anime fan, cut together an incredible anime style opening sequence for the game, set to the song “Shin Sekai” by the Japanese band Hello Sleepwalkers. You can watch the video on Reddit.


I’ve seen a lot of videos like this, where someone takes something not-anime and uses anime video editing tropes to make it look like an anime. Other than the parody video depicting Seinfeld in the style of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, I don’t think any of them are as true to the style of anime as this one.

“I was just playing my weeb playlist while playing Apex and thought of this idea,” Phan said on Reddit. He said that he cut together footage from the launch trailer and opening cutscene of the game, which is impressive given that’s not a whole lot of footage to work with. One of my favorite things in the world is talented people using their skills to make very silly things, and this qualifies. Phan said that he might make more openings. I’d love to see Apex look like a fluffy, shoujo slice-of-life show, like Kimi Ni Todoke. 

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I see that Apex Fever has eclipsed Overwatch as of late. Not surprised seeing as how one is Free To Play and by the excellent makers of TitanFall 2.