If Seinfeld Were JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

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Classic sitcom Seinfeld has been mashed up with plenty of video games and anime, but fan project Jerry’s Bizarro Adventure takes it to another level by combining Seinfeld with the classic anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.


Jerry’s Bizarro Adventure is a nearly shot for shot recreation of the first opening theme of the JoJo anime, complete with all new, Seinfeld themed English lyrics.

For instance, just like the original JoJo opening, this video begins with sepia-toned characters bursting out of comic books pages. Instead of characters from the longrunning JoJo series, these are other sitcom protagonists representing the lineage of Jerry Seinfeld, all accompanied to a remix of “Sono Chi No Sadame” that heavily features Seinfeld’s signature slap bass.

The video is supersaturated, the colors shifted to the pinks and purples of JoJo’s psychedelic palettes. It also reframes the minor social faux pas of Seinfeld into the epic story of JoJo by dressing them in the melodrama of the anime. In one shot, each bullet of Jerry getting shot by the FBI for installing illegal cable in punctuated by a distinct gunshot sound, reminiscent of the special versions of JoJo opening themes that add dramatic sound effects that they use for season finales.

Instead of JoJo villains like the vampiric Dio, this video showcases Seinfeld characters like the Soup Nazi:


My favorite joke is how they changed the theme song’s name. The original JoJo song is called “Sono Chi No Sadame,” which means “destiny bound by blood” and is a reference to the JoJo family’s long lineage of heroism and bizarre adventures. Here’s the Jerry’s Bizarro Adventure version:


This video is meant to accompany a fancomic of the same name, which doesn’t seem to have updated very recently. I hope the project isn’t dead, because its attention to detail makes it truly special.


Grandpa Stern

I really thought I was going to hear “Yada, yada, yada” somewhere in there instead of “Ora, ora, ora!” lol