id's New Rage Trailer, Fresh From The QuakeCon Floor

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During the opening address of QuakeCon earlier today, John Carmack wasn't just happy he was wearing his best pair of on-stage shorts. He was also happy with this new Rage trailer, finally answering our months-long pondering as to what Motorstorm would look like if it had less driving, more shooting in a post-apocalyptic desert setting.


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Tim Rogers


Your appreciation is appreciated! You shall join me in the kingdom of heaven!

Back on topic:

I am pregnant with the urge to want to play this game. Carmack kicked the world's ass with Doom, and he'll kick it again with Rage. I'm pretty sure it's not going to suck — if he's willing to open the dictionary and select a new one-syllable word, it has to mean he has a good idea.

This could be something of a standard-setter for "multi-genre" games. Who knows?

And personally, I think the character design looks fantastic. Much more personality than in most American games. I can understand how someone might not like it, though hey — at least the characters' skin doesn't look like it's made of oatmeal. (Unreal Engine 3 ahem)

Driving cars is fun; driving games can be fun. Driving while shooting, too, can be fun. I hope these guys manage to dress it up with context.

I kinda really want to mess around with the level editor. I'm sure you could make a game-like scenario about as easily as making a map in another game, using just the gameplay of RAGE.

I'm getting my hopes up pretty high here, though I really don't have any reason to be skeptical. Let's be optimistic :(

Also, in ten-some years, when Carmack makes another game, what can he call it? Let's brainstorm one-syllable words suggestive of violence!


. . . maybe that's too many letters.