iDOLM@STER Gets Long Overdue Adult Version

We're not surprised that there's a dirty movie version of Namco Bandai's pop idol sim THE iDOLM@STER, we're just surprised it's taken so damn long. Originally based on an arcade game, the Xbox 360 exclusive title lets players manage candy coated pop princess. It's been a hit with otaku. This naughty "parody" film stars Mika Nurie, Nonoka and Rui Saotome, who blogs:

Today, we filmed the adult version of an idol training game. For an entire week, we did dance training. I was worried that I wouldn't remember all the dance moves, but I was able to get through the routine... I can't say the name of the game, but maybe there are lots of people who know what it is.


Glad to know she was able to remember the dance moves. That's important. TMAがアイ○ス? [BSOのほめぺげな Blog]

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Thanks for linking a Japanese Wiki article, I'm sure everyone can read that.