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Idiot Throws Firecrackers into Starbucks, Streams It Online

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This man might be the stupidest person to use the internet. Ever. Or, at least, one of them.

On Japanese internet video service Nico Nico, a recent stream showed a man throw firecrackers into a Starbucks, while another screamed through a bullhorn. You can watch a segment of the stream below:

The man who threw the fireworks in the video is apparently called "Nobu." His cohort says, "Nobu is going in [to Starbucks]" and "It looks like Nobu hates Starbucks."


In the stream, which went on for over nine minutes, you can clearly see the faces of both men. After they ran away, they film themselves as they walk down the street. "If they don't catch you red handed, they can't arrest you, right?" the guy is heard saying.

Um, dude. You streamed that to the internet.

Nobu tweeted that he turned himself in and that his laptop was confiscated. Website Tantei File reports that police are investigating Nobu.


The incident allegedly happened in Nagoya. And it's not a first. Here's a video from last year, with allegedly Nobu appearing to set off firecrackers at Nagoya Station and then yelling, "America banzai!"

And here is allegedly Nobu, having fireworks lit on his stomach in his home:

Online in Japan, people are saying Nobu should be arrested, calling him out on his stupidity, and even comparing what he is doing to terrorism. So far, it looks like Nico Nico has banned his account, but he's created another. No word whether or not he's been arrested.


Nico Nico, as previously mentioned, is no stranger to dummies.

ニコ生主がスターバックスに爆竹を投げ込んで炎上 [Tantei File]

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