Idiot Pays For Boob Job, Weight Loss With Pirated Games

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Meet Raymond Adams. Raymond is 37, and dating 33 year-old "Julie" (obviously not her real name). When they met, Raymond was fat. Very fat. And Julie felt she was lacking in the chesticle department. So it's a feel-good story that, after spending ₤10,000, Raymond is now thin and "Julie" has a spanking new pair of norgs, yes? No! You see, Raymond didn't raise the money through legitimate means. He was running a "shop" called Midland Console Modifications from the totally non-shady location of Wolverhampton race course, and it's believed the "shop" had earned him a cool ₤180,000. Or, it had, until he was sentenced to three years prison earlier this week. For her part in it, "Julie" copped a suspended 12-month sentence. Proof that crime doesn't pay...unless it's for vain body modifications. 'Boob job' pirate jailed [CVG]


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"I'm-in-love-with-Katey-Homes! I'm-in-love-with-Katey-Homes! I'm-not-gay! I'm-in-love-with-Katey-Homes!" - Stewie Griffin.

Well, if he was so smart, boy he was not wise. Well, crime does pay, until you get caught. Being fat or being in the wrong and losing the fat? Hmmm...

"Let's see.. I can be the average Fat American and have people pick at me for being me or... I can pirate (steal) gaming rights and sell them to others, lose weight and be me without all the pain of working out much and give my girlie friend a much needed boob job to tell her I do not like her the way God made her. Hmm..."

Dummie, stay fat or better yet workout and stop eating super fatty food all the time. Goll-leee! Do the right thing!