Idiot Pays For Boob Job, Weight Loss With Pirated Games

Meet Raymond Adams. Raymond is 37, and dating 33 year-old "Julie" (obviously not her real name). When they met, Raymond was fat. Very fat. And Julie felt she was lacking in the chesticle department. So it's a feel-good story that, after spending ₤10,000, Raymond is now thin and "Julie" has a spanking new pair of norgs, yes? No! You see, Raymond didn't raise the money through legitimate means. He was running a "shop" called Midland Console Modifications from the totally non-shady location of Wolverhampton race course, and it's believed the "shop" had earned him a cool ₤180,000. Or, it had, until he was sentenced to three years prison earlier this week. For her part in it, "Julie" copped a suspended 12-month sentence. Proof that crime doesn't pay...unless it's for vain body modifications. 'Boob job' pirate jailed [CVG]


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