I'd Play This Game Even If It Wasn't Called Drunken Robot Pornography

When Dejobaan Games, the developer behind The Wonderful End of the World and AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity create a first-person shooter that's all about building and demolishing gigantic robots, they don't need to name it Drunken Robot Pornography to get my attention; the name it Drunken Robot Pornography because there's something wrong with them.

Wrong in a good way, mind you. The way that makes game developers pit a fleshy human against multi-story robots named Titans. The Titans are armed with everything a giant robot should have, including lasers and missiles. The human has a jet pack, a gun, and the cheers of an adoring crowd. That's all anyone needs, really.


And when you're done fighting giant stylized robots, you can make your own via a handy-dandy in-game editor.


Because in order to create, one must first learn how to destroy. Or something.

Check out an entire gallery of Drunken Robot Pornography at the game's official website. With a playable prototype having recently been shown at PAX East, Dejobaan expects the game to drop on Mac and PC later this year.


Drunken Robot Pornography [Dejobaan Games]

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