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I'd Forgotten This All-Girl Fighting Game Was A Thing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Man, what was that game again? The one where the women are all kidnapped and forced to fight, with the Nobel Peace Prize winner in the fishnet top and cut-offs with electrical tape over her chest? Man, good thing Kung Fu Factory decided to get rid of... oh wait, they're still making Girl Fight? And it's due out this month?

Developed by Kung Fu Factory, Girl Fight is an arcade-style 3D fighting game featuring a cast of woman warriors who have been abducted by a shadowy corporation to experiment on the potential Psi Powers of these deadly ladies. As part of their virtual reality experimentation, each fighter creates a unique arena based on their respective life memories bringing a vivid backstory for each character.


Love the second half, but the first bit, with the woman warriors and deadly ladies being abducted and experimented on? That'll go over well.

The latest video for the game showcases Shogun (interesting armor), Daisy (intersting Tina from Dead or Alive vibe) and Warchild, whose uniform pants lace up on the side.

I'm all for an all-girl fighting game, but I prefer something a bit more subtle, like getting kicked in the face over and over again.

Girl Fight is coming out next week on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN.