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Technology columnist Mike Musgrove got Entertainment Software Association CEO Michael Gallagher on the horn (we got him first!) to talk about, what else, ESA's membership losses. Everyone here should be familiar with the story and the pressures that realigning E3 have brought to bear on membership dues, believed to be the motivation for so many big name publishers flying the coop. ESA refers us to the companies to get the reasons for leaving, and so far none have, really.


Well Musgrove got Id CEO Todd Hollenshead to say that Id's departure was "probably temporary and was not political. It was just a question of other priorities this year that we wanted to focus on." OK, pretty vague line but, hey, at least it's something. And it makes some kind of commitment to Id returning. One wonders if others have the same point of view as Id, and what must happen in the meantime to bring about their return.

Also, ECA chief Hal Halpin told Musgrove he knew of two other game companies planning to leave, and more who are unhappy but sticking around.

Fewer Players in the Gaming Group [The Washington Post via GamePolitics]

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