Ico's Creator Says The Game "Wasn't Good Enough"

Fumito Ueda, the driving force behind PS2 classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, doesn't think as highly of his team's last two games as you might.

While many gamers regard the titles as two of the greatest games ever made, Ueda says their almost-cult status is a problem, not something to be cherished.


"The fact that Ico and SOTC didn't sell well is because they weren't good enough. They didn't have enough to appeal to users", he tells Edge Magazine.

"The Last Guardian wants to learn from this. I'm making the game so that it's appealing, with the hope that many people will give it a try and love it."

You'd hate to see what he says about shit games.

The Last Guardian is the third game from Ueda's Team Ico, and will be out on the PS3 at the end of the year. Be sure to read Ueda's thoughts on whether video games can be art.


Ico And SOTC "Weren't Good Enough", Says Ueda [Edge]

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