I Would Have Played Bioshock Tactics So Hard

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I think it’s fairly clear at this point that Bioshock Vita isn’t happening. Irrational’s gone and it’s been vapourware since the 2011 announcement.


This post originally appeared on Kotaku UK.

That’s not stopped Ken Levine tweeting about what could have been though, teasing a turn based “Final Fantasy Tactics style” game that would “work well on the Vita”. It certainly sounds a hell of a lot more interesting than just trying to squeeze a tiny FPS out of Sony’s machine. Here’s what Levine said:


What do you think? I’d have loved to see a different style of game set in the Bioshock universe. I’m all for a Rapture style expansion DLC in Civilization 5. There was this lovely isometric Bioshock mock up a while back.


Image credit: Bioshock 2 Mockup by Zolaris

Illustration for article titled I Would Have Played emBioshock Tactics/em So Hard

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Anything FFT style immediately gets consideration from me. It is my favorite game ever made, and I've been gaming since I was old enough to hold a controller.

That said, WHY THE FUCK do games like this only ever come out on PSP/Vita? There are so many excellent SRPGs released for those handhelds that no one knew about (go look at the Atlus and Nippon Ichi library for the PSP and tell me it doesn't have like 15 unheralded gems between then alone). Would it kill devs to release a good SRPG for PC or Console? Last one that was even simply decent was Agarest War Zero and I kind of don't like it because the combat is typical JRPG pretending it's a strategy game.

And gratuitous fan service annoys me, especially when games are super Japanese so half the women you're supposed to "lust" after are drawn like 12 year old girls. (Seriously, Japan, you are the creepy uncle of the modern world.)

I am told Divinity Original Sin should slate my thirst a bit so I picked it up and it's downloading now, but seriously. A legit sequel to FF Tactics released on all major consoles and PC would bring me to my knees crying with tears of unadulterated joy, you have no idea.