Sir, You Will Be Hunted on The 19th of August

In a new gameplay video, Jim Rossignol, one of the developers behind tweedpunk (no, we won't stop using that word) robot-survival simulator Sir, You Are Being Hunted, revealed the date we would all be able to start sightseeing on the game's procedurally generated, dreary, scary, pretty version of the British Isles.

"We're gonna make [a general alpha release] available to anyone who pre-orders, and we're gonna make it available to everyone who backed the Kickstarter," he said. "The date you need to get excited about is the 19th of August. That's what we're aiming for, and we seem on target." He added that this release would include "[The fens biome], the rural biome, and of course the mountain region." Afterwards, the team plans to release "customization updates" which would, over time, add the rest of the promised features to the game.


The announcement is only one part of the video. You an also get a glimpse at what the fens biome looks like: a grassy flatland where spotting the enemy is just as easy as getting spotted yourself. And, if you still haven't made a decision and feel like you want to be part of the August 19th alpha, you can make a pre-order on the game's website here.

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I won't ask you to stop saying "tweedpunk." Only that I can get an explanation for what that is.