Sir, You Are Being Hunted’s Fancy-Pants Robots Will Hunt You Down in Extremely Creepy Fashion

It's the way that they move. Sure, the background music filled with tense strings creates some anxiety in the first gameplay glimpse of Big Robot's Sir, You Are Being Hunted. And the low visibility in tall grass adds to the tension, too. But something about the movement of the game's automaton antagonists chills me to the bone.

They stalk in without any kind of human variability in their animations. No little head adjustments or wobbling arms as they aim their weapons. Just cold-blooded execution. Watch them move as one as they get lured by a flare and swarm to a spot. That could be you that they move in on like that. Sweet jumping Jesus, that ain't right. It may be still relatively early in Hunted's development but this teaser already has me excited for this tweedpunk FPS.

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You barely get a good look at the robots at all. They read more like a squad of shorter Slender Men. Which is still quite creepy, I'm just saying. They need to REALLY nail the audio on those guys to sell the creep factor. They need to sound scary; you should get chills down your spine when you hear their joints squeaking after you. A good audio package will really help sell these robotic gentlemen as iconic enemies...

"They stalk in without any kind of human variability in their animations." — yeah. That's par for course for video games. Except in the rare instances where there's procedural animation to mix things up, like when Nate touches a wall in Uncharted 3, or Lara Croft brushes aside foliage in Tomb Raider Underworld, animations are universally unchanging amongst characters in games. Don't know why it strikes you here...