I Wonder if the Mouse In My Ceiling Likes Horror Flicks

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Greetings, open threaders. As we roll into the evening (or night on the East coast, or morning across the ocean), here is our daily open thread, in which we can talk, type, rant and rave about anything at all, or nothing in particular.

For a conversation-starter today, I'm going to write a poem. It's about the mouse I can hear in my ceiling.

It's called "Scratch, Scratch."

Scratch, Scratch

I hear you.
Running along the tiles
mere feet for me;
for you, a mile

Scratch, Scratch

Are those your claws?
Their chittering
it gives me pause

Scratch, Scratch

I hope you're small
and that you never
tumble through the ceiling
onto my head.

Okay! …er, if that wasn't enough of a conversation starter for ya, here are some things I found around the internet.


Talk amongst yourselves!

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Kotaku, help me. What is it in this image that should make me shit brix?? It's been bugging me since I laid eyes on it.

theories: The one on the right is doing vile things beneath the bubbles, he isn't washing since the soap is on the ground

That's all I got.