I Wish This Was BioShock Infinite's Story

In case you forgot, Valve's Source Filmmaker is an extremely powerful tool for turning games into movies. Sometimes we get things like the fantastic Team Fortress 2 End of the Line short. Other times we get sheer, unbridled madness. These videos starring BioShock's Booker DeWitt are the latter.


This series from Grubbo uses character models and remixed sound effets from every game you can imagine to tell stories that—in their best moments—almost kinda sorta make sense. They're very funny, though, not to mention well-produced and animated. The first is about Booker's total bummer of a day off, and the second chronicles... um, well, a lot of things happen and at one point Booker becomes the Avatar.

Would that BioShock Infinite had a slow-mo sandwich eating scene or a bit where Donkey Kong awkwardly looked on from his bar stool as Booker kicked and screamed about baseball.

I found that these videos appealed to the side of my brain that dug shows like Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law. The side where bears appearing at random is ceaselessly funny and sometimes, on a chilly winter's day, you might catch a lobster wafting on the breeze. It is, in other words, a very specific sort of humor.

They're certainly... something. I'm not sure if you'll get as much mileage out of them as I did, but let's put it like this: I doubt you'll be able to look away.


Whoa! Thanks for the writeup, Nathan! Really happy you enjoyed it! Cheers!