Japanese Twitter user Dori Asuka made this Golden Warrior Gold Lightan robot from candy boxes. It even transforms. Incredible, huh? But making the papercraft was no easy task.

Anime Golden Warrior Gold Lightan aired in Japan during the early 1980s and followed the adventures of a young boy and a gold cigarette lighter than turned into a giant robot. Oh, the days when children could have transforming lighters!


As you can see below, this project all started with high detailed drawings and several boxes of Morinaga carmels, which is a beloved Japanese candy celebrating it's 100th anniversary.

Dori Asuka created designs, cut out the boxes, made the tiny hands from paper (note the little white piece of paper—those are fingers!), and used a stiffer shell to create a durable transforming papercraft. Bravo.

どり☆あすか [Twitter]

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