I Will Buy Any Starship Lance Henriksen Wants To Sell Me

The commercial for Star Citizen's MISC Freelancer may be fake, but the desire to buy is quite real, thanks to the reassuringly gravelly narration of Aliens actor Lance Henriksen.


If I had a spare $125 to $180 to pledge towards a virtual ship, the Freelancer is the one I'd pledge it to. It's dependable and roomy, with the firepower to keep those long cargo runs incident free. Or something like that. Whatever, Lance Henriksen says it's the best, I'll go with that.

Along with the release of this latest in-engine work of commercial art, Star Citizen has also finished up its "The Next Great Starship" contest, with the winner getting their ship in the final game (it's in player hangers this weekend, as a special treat), and announced the game has reached $45 million in crowdfunding, nearly enough to hire Lance Henriksen to come to your house and read you bedtime stories every night for a year.


Petey Wheatstraw The Devil Divorced Son in law

As much as I like this game and the premise I can't shell out that much cash for some video game item or pledge, more power to the people who do. I'm really curious on how big the ships are going to get in the years to come, do you think they will have ships that could be run by 50+ people or so forth?