I Was Working On My Own Anti-Arrow-to-the-Knee Vid Too, But Then I ...

YouTube's PsychicPebbles is extremely sick and tired of Skyrim's "arrow to the knee" meme, and composed this salute to all who dared to ever think it was funny. It's extremely loud (especially when it breaks in with FUS RO DAH) and it's extremely profane—in fact, I recommend turning your speakers down to one tick above mute. But for those sick to death of over-flogged played-out jokes, it is oh, so satisfying.


[h/t Dave Harris]



Yeah... I still don't get the whole knee arrow skyrim meme. I mean, was it suppose to be ironic or witty? Dark humor, or lite hearted? Or was it just another internet thing that never made any sense in the first place, but people ran with it regardless because they had nothing else better to do?