Can't a person just walk around the city dressed as Ultraseven without being questioned by the cops? Is that too much to ask? Guess so!

Since mid-2013, a person dressed as late-1960s superhero Ultraseven has been spotted around Tokyo. The Ultraseven has been seen numerous times at train stations, carrying a briefcase, as if commuting. Sometimes, the superhero is shopping.


In the past few years, the Japanese police have been known to stop folks in costume who wander the streets. I assume the police think they're "suspicious," especially if the cosplayer is completely encased in the outfit and carrying around a black bag.

Note the photos below are not from the same day, dating from last summer to last night during which the iconic superhero was questioned by the Tokyo police.

[Photo: kazuma093]

[Photo: kontetu1]

[Photo: metan_0715sa]

[Photo: atk_dream]

[Photo: RyotaRase]

[Photo: naagabsk619]

[Photo: mogyumogyu2]

[Photo: zettairyoiki_p]

[Photo: Chan_uji]

[Photo: fumitake1969]

[Photo: affiliateno3x]

[Photo: nunx3]

[Photo: HONEY0903]

[Photo: daigo_tf]

[Photo: kazu_10_28]

[Photo: hairu5_8]

[Photo: daigo_tf]

[Photo: lears33]

Kidding! The above photo is from the Ultraseven series. The cosplayer seems to have only been questioned by the police.

[Photo: CakeHw]

[Photo: ienama_cha]

Hang in there, Ultraseven!

アキバにウルトラセブン現る [@takegtx]

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