Don't you? Man, we would talk about the most interesting things, she would read excepts from my acclaimed book about jazz and video games, and I bet the food would be better than what I eat most days.


In this video from a little while ago, Mike Birbiglia gets to live the dream, following the esteemed interviewer from her Fresh Air studio all the way home. Heh.

Welcome, Kotaku, to the Open Thread, where you are free to talk about whatever your heart desires (and I am free to post whatever randomness my heart desires.)


There have been plenty of gaming-related Fresh Air guests on in the past, but still it feels like NPR's most esteemed program should do a games-only episode. If Terry Gross did a program on video games, who should she interview? What should she ask them?

Also, who do you think is the best Fresh Air guest ever? I think maybe it was Tracey Morgan.

Discuss away, the open thread is yours. See you tomorrow.

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