I’ve been playing some Foregone in between digging up eggs and pulling eggs out of the sea, and it’s pretty good! A bit brutal in parts, but the endless respawning (and gear improvements that come with it) temper this a little. The animation is gorgeous


Gene Jacket

I picked it up on day-one after randomly stumbling across a trailer a few months back. It’s real good, but it’s got some issues, and it doesn’t help that it hasn’t received a single update since release (as I was typing that I opened EGS to see that the first update went live on Monday)

I’ve been enjoying it, for the most part, but it’s no Dead Cells (though, Sweet Jesus does it want to be). The combat and overall movement is nice and fluid, though jumping is a bit floaty and the slide/dodge kinda sucks (in comparison to Dead Cells, at least). You way have two enemies essentially on top of one another and slide past to try and dodge their attacks, only to slide past the first and stop dead in front of the other, so that’s frustrating. Certain enemy projectiles, specifically bullets, seem to track your trajectory and anticipate where you’re going to be rather than where you are, and there are a couple of spots in what I’ve played where I’ve been killed by an enemy hiding offscreen, which is always super duper cool.

And I can’t beat the first boss, that big mean bird. I’ve stomped a mudhole in Dead Cells’ ass (and the newest DLC) multiple times over, but I haven’t been able to beat this stupid bird yet...possibly because it does play just sightly different than DC and it’s hard to shake wanting it to play more like DC, possibly because it has fullscreen attacks that are goddamn near impossible to avoid. through anything but dumb luck. Like Dead Cells, it rewards dying and starting over with permanent upgrades so your time isn’t completely wasted when you die, but it almost seems as if they want you to die at that first boss to encourage you to go back and replay the first part of the game multiple times to grind out better gear and upgrades...and that’s not a great feeling. That’s some live service game shit that doesn’t belong in a rogue-lite, metroidvania, action platformer, whatever we’re calling these now.

Again, it’s quite good despite my issues. The real problem is that Dead Cells is SO goddamn good that it makes even its 10/10 peers look bad.