I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Arcade Ice Cream!

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Mmmm, yummy. Just in time for Japan's dog days of summer, game maker Atlus has done traditional arcade crane games one better by stocking a 'em with ice cream. And who doesn't like ice cream? (Bad people, that's who!) Dubbed the Triple Catcher Ice -25C, the machine is set at a frosty -25C and has players manipulate a three pronged claw to pull out delicious icy treats. As the official page explains in English:

ATLUS has developed "TRIPLE CATCHER ICE", THE state-of-the-art prize machine carrying the latest freezing technology. "TRIPLE CATCHER ICE" is so unique that it will be absolutely imperative at every amusement scene worldwide.


We agree. This is absolutely imperative. Oh, and while other machines are typically one player affairs, the Triple Catcher -25C can be played by four players at once. It's a quadruple catcher! The Triple Catch Ice -25C doesn't use more electricity than the standard crane machine. For Atlus, arcade innovation means cold and delicious.

「ATLUS TRIPLE CATCHER ICE−25℃」 [オープンカーで颯爽と]

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