I Refuse To Let The Stanley Parable Tell Me What To Do

I think just about everyone had told me to play the original 2011 mod The Stanley Parable, but I never did because I'm really quite stubborn. All I knew was it was meant to be rather funny, little did I know before playing the new retail version that it could end so tragically.

Up in the video above I really managed to upset the narrator. Do I feel good about my actions? No, not really. If I just hadn't been so stubborn and instead followed the narrator's pleas to do what he tells me to everything could have turned out so much better.


The Stanley Parable is available now on Steam.

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So...how many people have tested the narrators patience by going in the broom closet? Because, honestly, I found that part very enjoyable.

Especially if you do it so much that after a while, the closet is boarded off.

Played for about 2 hours yesterday, still don't think I've experienced everything...