I Played The War Z So You Didn't Have To

The War Z has quickly become the week's most interesting, and hilarious, news item. Between the bad press, the worse press and the fact the game's been taken down from Steam, most of you are probably yet to actually play it.


Well, over the past few days, I've been playing it. So you don't have to.

Seriously, don't take this as an Official Kotaku Review™, but... from what I've played, the game is awful. Animations are janky. There's a distinct lack of user prompts or directions. Some textures look like they're from a 1990s flight simulator. The zombie AI is comedic.

Pretty much all of which you'll get a sense for in the above video, which for reference is all from a single playthrough. One of the few I've managed without being instantly killed by a human player.

Sure, the game can change. It can improve. After all, it's still in testing a "foundation release". Question is, after all this mess, whether anyone trusts the developers that it will, or if they do, if anyone will care.

UPDATE - Bummer, seems there's some compression problems with the vid when uploading. I've swapped in a YouTube version that's a little better. Apologies (though you'll still obviously get the gist).



Watch out for sockpuppet accounts, guys. On a number of the other articles critical of War Z, there have been glowingly positive comments posted by people with no comment history besides "I love War Z! It is so good! Anyone who doesn't like it is dumb, and I want to pay for it all over again! You should also buy it!"

Before you feed one of these trolls, make sure the person you're arguing with actually has a comment history, or any online footprint besides "War Z 4 GOTY!"