Hot Blooded Gaming put together the following video, solely as an an excuse to create an 8-Bit A-Team theme (which is itself awesome.) The gameplay's a little formulaic, but have you tried Next-Gen A-Team, for Grand Theft Auto IV?

Full disclosure, I frequently game with Hot Blooded's Kreyg Dezgo (also the creator of this vid). You can usually find us in Borderlands. Last week he told me about this delightful "mod" - not literally, as no code is involved - that he plays in Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer called The A-Team. It's four players vs. 12, and it is total mayhem.

To get the full effect you really need 16 players all briefed and abiding by the rules. But you go into a free mode game, with four players forming "The A-Team" and jumping in a van. They start at the prison on Alderney. Their goal is to outrun the 12 other players, chasing them in cars and choppers, to get to the airport in Dukes and escape via helicopter. Successful extraction = victory. "Death is not an option for the A-Team!" says Kreyg.

That is seriously an awesome use of GTA IV multiplayer. But if you don't have 16 of your closest friends available to pull it off, then I guess you're stuck with the following. Unless you have a better set of informal multiplayer rules?

What If The A-Team Had An NES Game? [Hot Blooded Gaming]