While players can still climb to the top of the pack through battle in upcoming fantasy MMO Tera the game's political system makes for a much more impressive rise to power.

In most fantasy MMOP games you create a guild, raise your levels, and then raid dangerous dungeons. In En Masse Entertainment's upcoming game Tera, however, there is another goal to strive for. For a brief period of time, you and your guild can rule the land, voted into office by the game's population. Campaign in game, through Facebook, on Twitter, or just go door-to-door kissing babies to get yourself voted in, and then keep your in-game constituents happy to maintain your position.


It'll take much more than a charismatic leader to get the job done. Once in office, the leader's guild must do special quests in order to earn the resources needed to make sweeping changes to their district. Without proper support, don't get used to the new office; someone else will occupy it soon enough.

I'd imagine the writer of a major gaming blog could easily abuse his position in order to attain virtual office when the game launches next year. Good thing there's no one like that around here.

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