I Need a Dinosaur. Are You a Dinosaur? Dinosaur Needed.

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I'm not the only one who needs a dinosaur, either. This guy/gal needs one too, or at the very least, a person to dress up in a dinosaur costume.

Dinosaur needed

Person with dinosaur costume needed immediately for top secret project. I cannot go into the specifics until you are fully committed, but it involves a 1988 Honda Civic, a Chinese food buffet, and lots of roaring.

You must supply your own dinosaur costume.

Dragon costumes will also be considered.

Please respond to this post via email with picture of yourself in full dino regalia.


Well, that has to be about the funniest Craigslist post I've seen in a while. I would love to see the kinds of pictures that get submitted.

This all reminds me of the insane San Francisco cello-rock band Tornado Rider's song "Oh My God, It's A Dinosaur."


How about you guys? Do you need a dinosaur? Will a person in a dinosaur suit suffice? What are your feelings on dinosaurs?

Feel free to discuss those things, or anything else. This will be our first Open Thread with the new commenting system, so we'll see how it goes. As a reminder, if you're having technical troubles commenting, send questions to help@gawker.com.

Have good Open Threading!



I quickly hacked together a beta (or really alpha) release of my Chrome extension to fix Kotaku's comment system and allow you to read in ye olde' flat / threaded format.

It exploits a few loopholes in the Gawker API (which may later be plugged, though hopefully not) and is far from perfect, but I need some fellow commenters to give it a try and see what you think. At the moment, it works by adding a link to the upper right (near your account link) which will reload the comments on the current page using the flat list display.

Note: Chrome will warn you upon install that this extension can "access your data on Kotaku.com," but I assure you there is nothing like that involved. Unfortunately, in order to inject custom javascript into the page, I have to accept that warning. Hopefully someone with a little .js knowledge will look at the tiny files in the extension and confirm that there's nothing malicious or even complex going on.

Anyhow, it's a start. Give it a shot. See if it works at all on your setup. It's working for me.

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