I Need a Couch

To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: I Should Probably Start Packing


When I moved in to my new apartment, I knew there was no way my old couch was fitting through the door. And I was right. The frame must have been three inches narrower than its shortest axis. I kept the damned thing in the garage for a couple weeks and finally sold it to a neighbor.

But I really do need one, as much of my ass's day is spent in this desk chair - either facing north to work on the computer, or facing east to play a console.


I need a couch that is about 28 inches at is narrowest, just so I can lounge about like a normal game-playing sloth. Maybe once the U. of Oregon reports back the furniture gray market will open up and give me what I need.

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Paradox me

I've been stuck with my office chair for a while now, had to replace the padding a couple times and its starting to get pretty flat again.

About ready to just slide my PC desk next to my bed. Comfortable and I literally wouldn't have to move the entire day!